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Retreat Travel Options

International flights arrive in Costa Rica at the
International Airport (considered San Jose Airport, or SJO),
which is actually located about 20 minutes outside the city of San Jose. The best and fastest way to get to Montezuma is by plane, it's a 20 min. flight to Tambor then a 30 min.
taxi ride from there.

Plane & Taxi 
Book your tickets ahead of time by going to

Sansa flights leave in the morning...Natures Air leaves in the afternoon. The ticket office and departure area is right next door to the international airport. You just go outside of the main airport to the street and turn left. It’s about a 5 minute walk.  Be sure to arrive at least ½ before your flight for check in.

Hydration is very important !! A good idea as your leaving the airplane and are on your way to immigration...there are shops that will allow you to pick up water. Also...have some snacks from your initial flight to tide you over. Water and snacks are available also on the ferry.
A beautiful way to experience Costa Rica is from the air. From San Jose it's only a 20 minute on the Sansa Airlines flight to Tambor, our local airport. This costs $75-$105 (each way). There, we will arrange to have a taxi waiting for you. Then to Viktoras' retreat center it's about a 30 minute scenic ride.  Let us know when you are arriving and we will have a taxi waiting for you. Tell the taxi that you are going to Montezuma and it's agua vista street (by The 3 Monkeys Motel) and the home of Viktoras.
The alternative land trip is a very good way of getting acquainted with the Costa Rican landscape...the people and an opportunity to doing some photography.
In all the years I have I've always taken precautions i've never gad any issues. However such occurrences are common...even among the veteran travelers.
I must emphasize...just as and other foreign should always be aware of are a target for opportunistic thieves. Keep always a very clear view of your baggage as well as your most important documents. It should be handled with the most scrutiny...passport, wallet, cash etc.

Direct Bus
Direct bus service from San Jose to Montezuma. This bus leaves every day from the Coca Cola bus station in downtown San Jose at 6:00am and 2:00pm. The cost is $12.00 US. The CocaCola bus station is a 20 min., $20 Taxi ride from the international airport. The bus trip takes about 5.5 hours total.  There is one rest stop between San Jose and Puntarenas. In Puntarenas you must get off the bus and the driver will hand you a ferry ticket and a laminated card that you need to get back on the bus.  Follow the bus crowd onto the ferry for a beautiful one and a half hour ferry ride. Upon crossing the gulf you will disembark in Paquera. Follow the passengers to the other side of the ferry terminal to re-board the bus and continue the journey to Cobano. In Cobano all passengers going to Montezuma switch to another bus, which takes you the final 20-30 minutes to downtown Montezuma.  Please let us know your arrival time, we will have a taxi pick you up at the bus stop in Montezuma ($5-6). 
Travel Package Shuttle to Montezuma
Guests that arrive later in the afternoon can spend the night at Hotel Las Volcanes located about 10 minutes from the airport.  This is a beautiful old hotel that offerers an excellent travel pack.  The cost is $65/per person and it includes accommodations, breakfast, and the shuttle to Montezuma.  Do not worry if you have to choose this option.  Guests arriving late will have all the time needed to acclimate and catch up.  -  (506) 2441-0525  -  Ajaluela, Costa Rica
They speak English and request both shuttle service and hotel accommodations as early as possible
the details of your travel plans. We will keep all of you informed so that
you will be able to meet up with others at the airport to enjoy the travel

Please also let us know...if your email can be shared with the whole group of retreat participants.

Would be nice to get any networking and sharing in before the retreat.

Perhaps even make travel plans together from wherever your coming from.

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