Immerse yourself in a tropical, raw food yoga retreat with Viktoras Kulvinskas and family of friends in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica. With tranquil beaches, energizing

surf and magnificent sunsets, Viktoras Retreats is an ideal setting for renewal, transformation and growth.
Come experience the famous Montezuma Falls just an

amazing 20 minute jungle river walk from our retreat !

Surrounded by lush wilderness, this sub-tropical

climate is perfect for the natural flow of your Yoga

practice, healing, growth and Rawesome Living Food Bliss !

The daily schedule offers lots of options, including lectures,
workshops, demonstrations, guided meditation practices,

sacred raw foods and a wide variety of off-site activities
and excursions. Even surfing !

Daily yoga
All classes are designed for new and
beginning to advanced students and teachers.
Classes are taught to accommodate different
levels of ability and interest.

::: LOCATION :::
Montezuma , Costa Rica

::: DATE :::
Just check our schedule of retreats to find the
best one for you.

Lodging (options vary),
all raw & organic meals & fresh juices,
Yoga every morning & e-motion in the evening,
lectures, meditation/satsang/circles & MORE !!

Ample free time daily for exploring, adventures, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, ziplines, butterfly garden, waterfall excursions, etc., at client's expense.

airfare, gratuities, airport shuttle, spa
services and private excursions

Year round will
be open for large groups.
(limited to 20 people)
If you have a group
of 5 or more...and are interested in submitting
a request for a time-sensitive retreat...
please contact me... at


Below is an overall idea of what you

can expect during a retreat !

Learn practical safe transition into healthier lifestyles based on your level of consciousness. Learn the production of growing and preparing food and the technologies of Touch Healing.

We already have it ALL...
and we'll assist you in reclaiming and remembering !

Optimal Opportunity of Growth Strategies for the present and coming Earth Changes and



.........GENERAL SCHEDULE........
- 6am -

Wake Up - Personal Hygiene, Tea,
wheatgrass elixir and green juice cocktail

- 7am -

- 8:30 -

- 9am -

Lecture 90 minutes
- 11am -

Food Prep Demo - special pointers
- 12 noon -

- 1:00 - 2:30pm -

Energy work, reflexology, hands on healing
- 2:30-4:30 -

Free time - (beach, waterfall, zip-lines etc)
- 5-6pm -

yoga or lecture
- 6:30 -

Food prep...20 minutes
- 7pm -

- 8-9pm -

Sat-sang...discussion...Q & A

- 9:30 -



Here is an idea of the recipes we will be serving...

Queen Quinoa Rainbow Cereal

crackers and Veggies
Fruit Salad with nut cream and Flax powder
Tantric Staff of Life Cereal with

sprouted grain butter on flax
Fruit Salad with seed cheese
Buckwheat Granola with

Almond Milk and dried fruit
Energy Soup with crackers and condiments
Spirulina Power Smoothie

every lunch will include
Organic Salad - red leaf, romaine, tomato, cucumber, red onion, basil, cilantro,

arugula - bok choy etc etc
- Side dishes -

spiced shredded beets & carrots
Vik Kim Chi & Vikraut - Dehydrated crackers -
seed cheese - hot/spicy salsa - dulse

Protein Tahini salad dressing
Caravado dressing

(carrot juice, avocado w/ spices)
Red festivity dressing

(sunflower, lime, beet, ginger, sea salt)
Raw Hummus
Enzymatic Fermented Tofu Dressing
Raw cauliflower pate'
Miso Dressing


dinners will include...

Raw Pizza
Guacamole, Avocado Green Energy Soup - dessert raw fruit pie
Veggie Burgers & Viketchup
Bean Soup, Flax Crackers & Tahini Dressing - dessert Vik-eylime pie
Crock Pot Cooked Squash & Root Vegetables, Sea Veggie Salad -
Miso Red Pepper Dressing
Nori Spring Rolls, seaweed salad,

Marinated ginger, tamari, wasabi sauce

dessert chocolate mousse
zucchini pasta with raw tomato sauce

dessert raw bliss balls